Why don't ophthalmologists do myopia surgery by themselves

The release date:2019-10-16

Do you really want to do myopia surgery? Who do you think works in an eye hospital and still wears glasses? Do you think? Is myopia surgery unsafe?

Before, when Xiaobian was still wearing glasses, I often heard people ask me, "why do you work in an eye hospital, but you still wear glasses?" later, Xiaobian did myopia surgery on his own, no one asked me that, but I know that such questions have been circulating in the public.

Safety of myopia operation

In fact, it is the same question to replace myopia surgery with any other surgery.

Because any operation can go up to the famous comprehensive top three hospital, down to the professional eye hospital, can be carried out in a fair and continuous way on a large scale every day, indicating that the risk of the operation itself must be controllable and safe. After all, if an operation itself has a major security risk, it should have been passed by the state for a long time.

In other words, in today's sensitive environment of doctor-patient relationship, we can't avoid doctor-patient disputes. If the operation is very unsafe, major public hospitals and specialized hospitals need to carry out it on a large scale. Isn't that a trouble for ourselves?

In the national conscription physical examination, civil servant physical examination, police special police physical examination and civil aviation pilot physical examination, laser myopia surgery is clearly recognized. Everyone can go to Baidu or ask friends who have participated in similar physical examination. If the operation is not safe, isn't the state deliberately "Harming" the police, military and civil aviation pilots in these physical examinations?

Myopia surgery is safe, why don't ophthalmologists do it by themselves

In fact, it's a rumor. How does it come from? For example, it's easy to understand:

When you go to an Aier Eye Hospital and see 8 out of 20 ophthalmologists wearing glasses, do you mistakenly think that the ophthalmologists themselves do not perform myopia surgery? You think that you have found the truth that the surgery is not safe, but in fact you have ignored that in the 12 ophthalmologists without glasses, in fact, several of them have done myopia surgery. It's just that he didn't wear glasses, and you can't find out whether he had myopia surgery.

In fact, many ophthalmologists, medical staff and doctors' family members have done myopia surgery, and the rate of choosing myopia surgery is far higher than that of ordinary people. As the saying goes, it's easy to take for granted if you don't know it deliberately.

Instead of hearsay, it's better to go to an eye or eye hospital to see how many ophthalmologists and their families have had myopia surgery. Only practice can bring out true knowledge.

Do not do surgery is your personal choice, but as long as you meet the conditions of myopia surgery, surgery itself is safe. It is also a rumor that ophthalmologists do not perform myopia surgery themselves.

Aer ophthalmology is a global chain of Ophthalmology, covering three continents of Asia, the United States and Europe. The technology of myopia surgery is synchronized with that of Europe and the United States. There are more than 300 aer ophthalmology hospitals in China, which is more convenient for examination and reexamination.

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