How about myopia surgery in summer

The release date:2019-10-16

It's hot and sweaty. Recently, some close friends asked, "is it good to have myopia surgery in summer? Will it be inconvenient? For example, if you are afraid of sweating in hot weather, you can't wash your face, etc."

It's really a group of careful partners. Is it suitable for myopia surgery in summer?

How about myopia surgery in summer

In fact, there is no seasonal difference in myopia surgery. As long as the conditions are met, it can be done all year round. Myopia operation is carried out in laminar flow operating room with constant temperature. There is no seasonal problem. It is sterile with constant temperature. Generally, there is no need to be hospitalized after operation. The whole operation process is rigorous and comfortable.

Summer is hot, myopia surgery is not not not unable to wash face, but a month after surgery, to prevent sweat and dirty water into the eyes can be large. No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter, there is no difference.

On the contrary, summer vacation is a good time for myopia surgery

In fact, summer is a good time for myopia surgery. Because summer is just summer vacation, there is enough time for preoperative preparation and postoperative recovery. College students, graduates after the college entrance examination, can sweat freely on the court of the university campus, as well as the hot-blooded youth who volunteer to join the army and enter for the military academy, and practice hard to defend their country. They will take advantage of their summer vacation to remove the shackles of their glasses and enjoy their youth.

Although the operation is good, it also needs to cross the "threshold"

Although myopia surgery is convenient, not everyone can accept it. Some basic conditions should be met:

1. It has reached adulthood, and the degree of myopia is basically stable; 2. It has no serious amblyopia, glaucoma, eye active inflammation, fundus disease and other eye problems; 3. It has no depression, diabetes and other contraindications that are not suitable for surgery.

If you are young, you should be bold. Myopia surgery can help you fly. Youth cannot come again.

Aier ophthalmology is a global chain covering Asia, the United States and Europe. Myopia surgery technology is in step with European and American countries. There are more than 300 Aier ophthalmology hospitals in China. No matter you study, work or travel in other places, you can have more convenient examination and reexamination.

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