People who have had myopia surgery remind you of these three things

The release date:2019-10-16

Last month, a friend tucking me, wearing glasses was really unbearable.

"I don't know where the ball is when I play basketball without glasses. I'm afraid of bumping into it when I wear glasses. I'm in a dilemma. I cringe when I play basketball."

"In addition, there is too much sweat when exercising. Glasses always slide down. You always have to hold them. Sometimes sweat drops directly onto the glasses."

At that time, Xiaobian advised him, "either you should exercise less, or you should have myopia surgery." As an eye editor, he is also the beneficiary of myopia surgery.

It didn't take long for him to tell me via wechat, "I've had time to have my myopia surgery done!"

After myopic operation, can you still be myopic

Summer vacation is coming, it is the peak of myopia surgery. But, a lot of myopia is worried before operation, can you be myopia again after operation? If be myopia again, did not operation white do?

There are similar concerns about myopia before surgery. Only after surgery can we find out that, in fact, this is unnecessary. Take Xiaobian's department as an example. More than half of them have completed myopia surgery, including the post-90s and the experienced post-80s hot mom. The first one who has completed myopia surgery has been more than 10 years (still struggling in the eye position, if Xiaobian doesn't say it, I'm afraid many people don't know that they have done myopia surgery). So far, They all have clear naked vision.

Theoretically, myopic surgery is to eliminate your existing myopic degree, and will not prevent the production of new myopic degree. However, the degree of myopia in adults is relatively stable. As long as the degree of myopia is not deepened (as long as you do not die), you can always have clear naked vision and get rid of myopia.

What should be paid attention to in myopia operation

From the feedback of most people, the feeling after myopia surgery is very cool, always clear and always cool. However, as an eye editor, there are still some precautions to be reminded:

1. For minors and those with unstable myopia degree, it is not recommended to accept myopia operation temporarily. The reason is that the degree of myopia is unstable, and it is easy to deepen myopia after operation, which affects the effect of operation.

2. It is necessary to have a pre-operative examination about 2 hours in advance. Some people may think that before the operation is done, let me have a general examination first. In fact, it is not that the safety of myopia surgery is based on strict pre-operative examination and standardized operation process. If the condition of the eyes is not allowed, surgery is not recommended.

3. For myopia friends who want to participate in physical examination, it is recommended to prepare in advance and do enough homework, so as not to check out the situation that is not suitable for operation temporarily, and scramble to disturb the original deployment.

As an eye editor who has had myopia surgery, I have told you the inside story. Aer ophthalmology is a global chain, covering Asia, the United States and Europe. Its myopia surgery technology is synchronized with that of European and American countries, sharing the global ophthalmic wisdom.

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